5 Things I Learnt for Myself in 2015

This is what my 2015 was like:

Kidding! I’ve seen so many people talk about how bad 2015 was for them. The obvious concern is that 2016 will roll around and just be ‘2015S’ – oh gosh that’s a terrifying thought! Personally, this year brought me great lessons, gave me a few meltdowns, but taught me nonetheless.

Here are some of my biggest lessons from the year:

  1. I’m never going to blog regularly and I’m ok with that. I keep writing blog posts about how I’m totally blogging more often. Who can live with all this pressure? I’ve accepted that I’ll blog when the mood strikes and I have something to blog about.
  2. Not everyone is my friend. And that’s ok. I also think we throw the word ‘friend’ around too casually. I also think it leads to using terms like “best friend” and “best best friend”. Calm down. The word ‘friend’ in itself is loaded with meaning, and this year I learnt that not everyone fits the description. I’ve made a conscious effort to invest time into the people who do, and my life has been so much better for it. Right now, I know how I have the best friends I could need (with no emphasis on the word ‘best’).
  3. IDGAF what anyone thinks of me, and it’s none of my business. My life changed for the better when I just stopped caring so much about what people think. This lesson comes with age though, because I’ve been given this advice many, many times before. The difference is that I actually followed this advice in 2015 and learnt that dealing with people is far easier and tolerable when you’re not constantly trying to impress them.
  4. I definitely do NOT have my shit together yet – and that’s ok too. Seriously, I thought my life would be in order at this point, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although I hate asking for help, it’s ok that I’m not completely independent yet. Having said that, 2016 will force me to try harder to get my shit together. Who knows right? How exciting. I’m still figuring it all out.
  5. I can do anything I want if I stop telling myself I can’t. I’m an excuse maker by nature, but this year I learnt the hard way that I don’t need confirmation or even affirmation from anyone else. It’s like I look for someone more adultier than I am, ask them if I’m on the right path, and then take their word for it. But how do they know? I can’t base important decisions on someone’s opinion just because I perceive them to be adultier than me. I need to be the adultiest adult for myself in 2016.


2015 wasn’t all bad. I have two cats (and boyfriend) who make me happy. Let’s take stock of the good things we learnt before giving 2015 a bad rap.


Here’s a quick list of what 2016 needs to bring/I want to work towards:

  1. Money
  2. Travel experiences
  3. Money
  4. Independence
  5. Health and fitness
  6. Money
  7. More blogging (but let’s not put too much pressure on that).

Bring on 2015S!


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