31 Day Blog Challenge: Worst Habits – Day 10.

You know how they say in a job interview you should change all your negatives into positives? Ie. They ask: “Name a weakness” and you say something like “I’m a perfectionist, I can’t leave until my work is done” and this will give a great impression about your weaknesses. This is not one of those things, these are my worst habits. (Also, is anyone still answering interview questions like that? Stop it. No one is buying it.)


  • Procrastinating:  I literally put things off. I don’t know why. I know for a fact that my life would be easier if I attacked a task and got it done, but noooooo. I find myself wasting so much time pointlessly, when I could be so productive!
  • Nagging: Boyfriend will attest to this. He hates it. I nag about the most silly things and I can hear myself doing it, but I just can’t stop.
  • Judgy: Yup. Judgy McJudgerson. I judge people all the time. And granted, I’m hardly ever wrong about someone, it’s still a terrible habit. And once I think something about someone, I can’t help but voice it. It must stop.
  • Back Seat Driver: I can’t help that everyone in the whole world doesn’t know how to drive as well as me, but boyfriend wishes I would stop doing it. However, and he can’t deny, I’m one of the best co-pilots you could ever ask for.

My list is short, but only because I was too busy procrastinating to draw up a longer list. Also, it’s difficult to point out a bad habit without being willing to change it. At this point, my list are only things I’m willing to work on – but don’t hold your breath. I’ll be judging you.


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