31 Day Blog Challenge: What’s in my handbag – Day 9.

This topic has been looming on me, and in anticipation I cleaned out my hand bag and really taken stock of my life.

The idea exists that women carry their entire lives around in their handbags. This is true for me, only I don’t carry valuables. I’m more prepared for an apocalypse. I am very much prepared for the zombies to attack, the only items I don’t carry around are weapons. But I’m sure I’d make do.


My handbag contents:  (What was not thrown out.)

My handbag contents

Money. I have none, but I have a coin purse filled with brown cents and a wallet with my medical aid card, no cash and my atm card that laughs at me when I ask for money at the machine.

Pens. I have a fancy noise-making owl pen and a less fancier pen. Both for emergencies where my signature is required.

Warmth. I always carry a pashmina scarf at all times. I’m not sure why, if I took it out my bag I probably wouldn’t miss it, but in my mind it’s for winter arriving unexpectedly. For the current winter weather I have my trusty pair of gloves to keep my paws toasty and I have the coolest invention ever: an electric water bottle. It keeps me warm on them windy days. Although, carrying it around all day adds on at least 3 or 4 kilograms to my shoulder.

Beauty supplies. I carry no less than 10 lipsticks and lipglosses with me at all times. For reasons unknown. I put it on in the morning and that’s it. I carry my compact mirror (a must) and a perfume so I’m not stinky.


I will never be broke (ha, just kidding I already am!), penless, cold or without beautiful lips in the event of a zombie apocalypse.


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