31 Day Blog Challenge: My Pet Hates – Day 8.

Any excuse for a good gripe right? Ironically, one of my pet hates are people who are constantly negative and complain all the time.


I think one thing that deserves a special mention as a pet hate is when people emigrate and then bad mouth South Africa. I really can’t handle negativity about my country. I know people who slate South Africa after emigrating, but if the Springboks win a rugby match then suddenly they’re Proudly South African. I will delete people from my life so quickly when this happens. Perhaps I’m naive but I’m really positive about South Africa and love it so much, warts and all, so be prepared for confrontation if you have anything bad to say, especially if you’ve jumped ship for reasons other than opportunity.


Here’s my list:

  • People who text while you’re still busy talking
  • People who don’t use their indicators when they’re driving
  • People who cut in when they’re driving
  • People who text while driving
  • Selfies – some people are shameless
  • Passive aggressive people
  • Racists
  • People who are mean to other people because they’re in a higher position (or feel the need to put other people down)
  • People who abuse animals
  • Unruly children


My list is endless. Honestly I could go on forever and ever. I won’t though. I think this topic is one that I can’t even dive into head first because I literally wouldn’t stop.


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