31 Day Blog Challenge: Something for My Kids to Know – Day 6.

I have a ton of advice to give my unborn children, and boy will they be getting my opinion at every single opportunity I can! There will be the advice of being kind to people, being polite and being respectful. But there’s one huge key advice that I learnt from my parents that I’ll hand down to my children.



Parents are always right. Always. 

I learnt this really early on in life. Whilst my two older sisters were determined to prove my parents wrong, as usual teenagers do, I chose to believe my parents and was saved the indignation of having to admit that I was wrong and they were right the way my sisters had to.

My parents often allowed me to learn lessons the hard way and tried not to get involved in my process when there was a lesson to be learnt. They’d try not to be “The angel of Doom” as my sisters and I often accused them of being because everything fell apart as soon as they prophesized it would. I’d often learn though that no matter what, their opinions would always be the one’s I’d regard the most. Now, if they say something isn’t going to work, no matter how badly I want to disbelieve them, I take their advice and save myself the time and effort and accept that they’re right.


“You can’t put an old head on young shoulders” would probably be the same advice I’d give my children. Also for once I’d love an excuse to say that I’m never ever ever ever wrong and they can’t argue with me. Ha!


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