31 Day Blog Challenge: Meaning of My Blog Name. Day 2.


Let me just say, this is the longest I’ve managed to keep something up besides a diet I endured for 8 weeks. I’m one of those people who definitely over-commits myself to things I have very little intention of doing, like all the times I’ve promised to start a gym routine – it’s probably a once-a-week-maybe-ritual. So I’d just like to high five myself for getting round to doing something on day 2!


Meaning of My Blog Name:

Well… it’s pretty self explanatory. There’s not much of a story behind anything at all. It pretty much started as one of those things where people wanted to confirm if it was me whilst searching for me on Twitter and I’d say “That’s me!”. And it turned into a blog name/Twitter handle. And here we are. The end.



Most people wonder why my surname isn’t mention on any of my social media platforms. It started when I used to be on MySpace (back when it was super cool. I used to have a rock chick theme with pink glitter spelling the words “Rock Chick” and a Paramore song played when you landed on my page. Sigh. Sorry Justin Timberlake,but not even you could bring the sexy back to MySpace). One of my friends told me about Facebook in 2007 and how cool it was, i didn’t believe him (and still don’t), but I created a profile anyways. MySpace used to have a username that pretty much kept you anonymous, so in my mind I couldn’t put my name on the internet where sexual predators live! After all, I don’t have a common surname so any creep could stalk me in a phonebook and find out where I lived?! So I decided to use my second name in place of my surname. That lasted about a year or two until my entire family joined Facebook and put our surname on, but by then it was too late. No one knew my surname, and no one knew I was even related to my family since it wasn’t even Facebook official (and therefor cannot be true). Even when I arrive at a party and my name is on a guest list… nope, second name is on there. It’s too late to try change my alias so now I just stick with it. Plus no one can pronounce it correctly anyways so it’s something I avoid now. One day when boyfriend decides to meet me at an alter I’ll take his surname and finally I’ll have an actual identity on Facebook and people won’t be confused when they realise my surname isn’t a second-name-sounding name.




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