The Black Chicken

This story is about a black chicken. Well, I think it’s actually a rooster, but nonetheless I will call him a chicken for conversational purposes and on the premise that we cannot just assume the gender of this fabulous creature.

It’s happened to me quite a few times that I pass this black chicken on my way home from work. I drive through a built up area before reaching a river, and the road goes through a slight dip. Just before I reach the river on these particular days, cars start swerving and panicking, almost smashing into one another on multiple occasions. It really is a spectacle. Only once I’ve passed it by, do I realise that cars panic when they see the chicken on the side of the road. He does nothing spectacular; he only pecks around on the ground as chickens do. For some reason, people driving past feel that suddenly this chicken might become erratic and suicidal and decide that it might be the best moment to cross the road (pun intended).

Upon informing boyfriend of this black chicken that makes me have to transform into an expert car racer, swerving to get past accident-free, his reaction is always: but WHY? Why is that chicken there? Is he on the side of the road he desires to be on? Where did he come from? How did he get there? Who does he belong to? These are questions I believe will never be answered. I also believe some of these questions require no answer.

I feel like I want to be this chicken. He looks like he is exactly where he wants to be. I feel as though he might have avoided a few near-death experiences to get there, but he looks so content being where is finds himself, pecking away on the gravel. He also looks as though he needs no validation from anyone, he need not answer to anyone on why he is where he is. But mostly, I want to be this chicken because, in just being himself, he’s so noticeable and nearly causes car accidents on a biweekly basis. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks; he’s just being himself, a spectacular chicken. And I feel that because of his attitude towards life, people take notice. I think all of us can learn a little something from this chicken.


Disclaimer: The image is not a photo of the actual chicken I’m referring to, I felt it too dangerous to take a picture whilst swerving my car and dodging accidents.


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