Thank you for smoking?

Go ahead. Judge all you want. But spare me any lectures on this topic. 

I recently decided to stop smoking. Well… sort of. I’ve decided to adopt “Social Smoking”. Yes, I can appreciate that you either smoke or you don’t. But thus far, it has worked for me. I enjoy(ed) smoking, it was a selfish indulgence of mine. It is now something I look forward to on a night out; how some people indulge in seven units of alcohol before vomiting in their handbag, I want to indulge in a cigarette or five. I suppose my justification is weak but I don’t know that this will last long. After five consecutive days smoke-free, the moment I indulged myself I realised that it was nowhere near as satisfying as I had imagined it to be. I think after a while I will want to go for longer without smoking, although I’m sure that will fall away the moment I consume seven units of alcohol, I imagine the cigarette will be consumed somewhere between the crying on a sidewalk and vomiting in boyfriend’s BMW. 


The reason? Somehow I found myself committing to entering Warrior Race, 6km and 15 obstacles of pure torture. I know right? What the hell was I thinking? I have less than a month (about three weeks actually) to somehow try get my fitness from absolute zero, to somewhat moderate. I am also entered along with three other team mates, which adds the pressure of not wanting to let anyone down. I think this is where I should mention the fact that I have done absolutely NO exercise for close on three years. I have three weeks to somehow be able to jog and hold up my own body weight. God help me. I think I will cry from beginning to end. 

However, all is not lost. On June 1, 2013 I am signing up for gym (I absolutely despise gym, but its for the best) and boyfriend is going to be my pillar of strength and someone who will force encourage me to go as often as I need to. Warrior Race is one motivation, but in the long run I’d like to have my eighteen year old body back. A colleague also made a little pregnancy joke about me too, I could die of embarrassment. Now I have a bigger motivation and point to prove. 


Back to the topic of smoking though: fitness was a big factor but mostly I was compelled to quit and only social smoke by many factors. Saving money, no coughing and it is so good not to stink of cigarette anymore. Hopefully I can keep it up and not give in, here’s to walking for longer than three minutes without shortness of breath! 


4 thoughts on “Thank you for smoking?

  1. Great to hear you stopped smoking. I quit awhile ago because I was feeling awful doing it. Now I get sick just smelling it. You feel so much better after you stop. Best of luck and keep up the awesome workouts.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes the craving outdoes my desire to quit completely, but I just have to remember that its for the best! How long have you been smoke-free now? Any tips to kick the habit?

      • Honestly, I just stoppe cold turkey. I felt it was better that way, and I chew a lot of gum. It’s hard at first, but just remember you are stronger and you will forget you ever smoked. If you want to read some funny and inspirational stories from my life, you are more than welcome to come by my blog and have a Cup of Joe 🙂

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